Basketball Sizes: Finding the Right One for You

There are different sizes of basketball depending on the age of the player. This applies for little kids right up to grown adults wanting to play basketball in the driveway with a hoop setup on the garage door.

  • Size 7

Size 7 basketballs weigh around 22 oz and have a 29.5-inch circumference. They are the professional size. They’re used in high schools for boys 15 and older, and by young adults in college too. Adults as well.

  • Size 6

Size 6 basketballs weigh around 20 oz and have a 28.5-inch circumference. They are designed to be a little smaller and lighter to hold. These are used in professional basketball, but also in high school and college level for women only. Size 6 basketball specially use for in ground basketball hoop system. Boys use this size basketball from age 12 to age 14 and then graduate up to the size 7 basketball. Usually, girls and women don’t move beyond size 6 because they have smaller hands.

  • Size 5

Size 5 basketballs weigh around 17 oz and have a 27.5-inch circumference. These are used both by girls and boys in higher school. Youth players getting to play hoop use this size ball because it’s smaller and significantly lighter than the size 6 version. It’s fair to say that when a basketball is described as a ‘youth basketball’ that this is the size the person is referring to.

  • Size 4

Size 4 basketballs weigh around 14 oz and have a 25.5-inch circumference. The size 4 ball is designed for boys and girls who like to play hoop from the age of 5. When they reach 8, they’re probably starting to find the ball a little too small for them and by age 9, they’re totally ready for the bigger size 5 ball. If they’re taller or stronger for their age, then they may be asking to play with a larger basketball when they’re 8 years of age.

  • Size 3

Size 3 basketballs weigh around 10 oz and have a 22-inch circumference.This basketball is usually referred to as a mini basketball. Any mini basketballs sold with basketball kits are usually this size. Do check their measurement to be sure but this should usually be the case. The mini basketball use in mini basketball hoop, and its ideal for girls and boys who are around 4 years of age and good until they’re 8 years of age. Bear in mind that usually a mini basketball is used with a mini hoop and not a normal basketball court at all. It would not be suitable for a regular court at size according to age

  • Size 1

Size 1 basketballs weigh around 8 oz and have a 16-inch circumference.The size 1 ball is designed for toddlers right up to 4 years old. These are likely to be soft foam basketballs and not like a real one. After all, little bodies at this age are vulnerable and clumsy with objects, so they’re likely to get the ball hitting their noses more often than parents would expect!

As you can tell, basketballs change dimensions and weight as they go down in official sizes. Because of this reason, it’s important to buy the right size for the person who’ll be using it. A ball that’s too small or too large is largely unusable.